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3D Animated And Voiced Product Demos

Optomotive provides complete vision solutions, ranging from high-performance, high speed cameras, 3D smart sensors and customizable vision solutions, which are based on FPGA technology.

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Optomotive d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The Challenge

Optomotive, at the forefront of high-tech imaging technology, needed to effectively communicate the advanced features of their cameras and scanners. The objective was to develop visual content that accurately reflected the products’ top-tier capabilities and the brand’s commitment to innovation. Our goal was to create photorealistic renders and animations that would engage and inform potential customers both at a major industry exhibition and on their website.


The primary goal for Optomotive was to effectively communicate the sophisticated technology and design of their cameras and scanners to a discerning audience. Our objective was to translate these advanced features into compelling visual content that resonated with potential customers and industry peers. By creating detailed, photorealistic renders and animations, we aimed to provide a clear and engaging representation of the products, putting focus on their high quality and design excellence. This initiative effectively bolstered Optomotive’s visibility in the market, built a strong foundation of trust with customers, and significantly increased sales figures. The visuals became a key element of Optomotive’s marketing strategy, ensuring a unified presence at the fair and online, and delivering a consistent and impactful brand experience.

The Approach

Our approach to Optomotive’s project was tailored to each product’s unique attributes. We began with an in-depth study of their high-tech camera and industrial 3D scanner, aiming to capture the essence of what sets them apart. For the camera, we produced photorealistic images and videos that highlighted its advanced features and sleek design, perfect for the client’s webpage. We also created a special video for the exhibition, designed to draw attention at one of the world’s most prestigious fairs. Moving on to the industrial 3D scanner, our focus shifted to its remarkable capabilities and the quality of its materials. The visual presentation for the scanner was crafted with the same attention to detail, emphasizing its functionality and minimalist design. A specialized video was also developed for the fair, showcasing the scanner’s versatility and striking aesthetics. This dual-product strategy ensured that both the high-tech camera and the industrial 3D scanner were presented in a way that not only informed but also engaged the target audience, reflecting Optomotive’s innovation and design idea across multiple platforms.

The Deliverables

We delivered a suite of photorealistic renders and dynamic animations that brought Optomotive’s high-tech cameras and scanners to life. Our deliverables included a captivating exhibition video and a series of detailed images for web use, each tailored to showcase the products’ superior technology and minimalist design.

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