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High-end Product Visualisation

AirShield specialises in providing innovative and stylish solutions to protect and enhance air conditioning systems, whilst increasing property value. We worked with MWEV Group on this project, their part was web design and development, branding, copy and project management, our part was providing high end product renderings from studio to enviroment renders.

Batch Rendering
Web Rendering
Industrial Rendering
CESI d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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20-50 employees

The Challenge

The main challenge was accurately representing their diverse product line, which varied in size and color, and showcasing these products in various environments and configurations. Due to the difficulty of photographing some aspects of their products, they required expert 3D modeling and rendering to create high-quality visuals for their website, social media, e-commerce platform, and printed materials.


To achieve Airshield's goals, we undertook a series of detailed steps. We collaborated with MWEV Group, who handled the website’s UI/UX design, branding, and development in Webflow with Shopify integrations. Our role focused on creating accurate and detailed 3D models of Airshield's products, including the environment and studios.

The Approach

We started by creating the 3D models, the client had CAD models that were created for the manufacturing process and were not ideal for Blender. We re-modelled each product and textured them to make them useful in our batch rendering setup. We created over 20 scenes that were custom made for the different environments they were placed in, in total the project had 6 different models in 2 colours and 3 sizes. In total we created over 700 renders. The main reason for choosing rendering over photography was price and logistics. The scenes we created were tailored for each application: studio renders for website and print, isometric renders for datasheets, environmental renders to show the product in a realistic environment, installation renders and detailed renders.

The Deliverables

Through our detailed process, we delivered highly accurate and visually appealing 3D models and renders for Airshield. These were integrated into their website and used across various platforms, enhancing their online and offline presence. The entire project was completed in 1 month, providing Airshield with versatile visual assets that were essential for their branding and marketing efforts.

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